About Us

Lush Island Marketing was established by Marvin Daniels in 1992 with the idea of exporting organic perishables from the Caribbean and South America to the United States and Europe. When Lush Island Marketing started exporting organic perishables from the Caribbean and South America to the modern world, we were the first organization to ship top choice organic produce/perishables in the industry. With our value for quality and not quantity our business grew at an incredible pace. In 1995, Mr. Daniels’ grandfather passed away at the age of 88, when the autopsy was conducted it was noted that his internal organs were in perfect condition.

Mr. Daniels was very curious as to why his grandfather was in such good health, he asked his grandmother what contributed to his health. The response she gave was just a little hard to believe, “coconut oil.” Looking back at his grandparents’ history, all Mr. Daniels saw was them using coconut oil for everything, from ingesting it on a daily basis by the tablespoons, to cooking, applying it to their skin as a moisturizer, putting it in their hair and moisturizing their scalps, which aided in dandruff removal.

The next few years were considered to be the most educational in the life of Marvin Daniels.  He placed a lot of emphasis on the coconut fruit itself, and began researching the coconut oil and the nutritional benefits it offered consumers as an alternative health product. In the year 2012, Lush Island Marketing created Freshly Sealed Products, which became the house brand name for our 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil.

At Freshly Sealed Products we strive to bring you the best natural organic foods on the planet. From our plantations in South America, our coconut is handpicked and carried to our plantation mill, in the heart of the Pomeroon River, where it is ground, cold pressed and placed in the sun to separate the organic extra virgin oil from the water. This product is then placed into food grade containers and shipped to the United States, where it is prepped and packaged for consumption.

The health benefits of organic extra virgin coconut oil are widely known throughout Asia, Africa, South America, South Pacific, the Caribbean and the Philippines. Here at Lush Island Marketing, through the quality of our products, we believe it is our duty and utmost responsibility to educate North Americans of those same benefits.